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Making a Euro2020 Sweepstake With Python

The next big football championship is nearly here, and here is how we can do a digital sweepstake with Python.

10 June 2021 by Martin Dawson

The Notion API and Python - Create, Read, and Update

Notion have released their API to public beta, so here is a quick guide to using it with Python.

28 May 2021 by Martin Dawson

The .xyz Top Level Domain

For personal projects, to keep things as cheap as possible, creating a website with a .xyz top level domain is a cost efficient way of adding a custom domain to your personal project.

15 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

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    Older Articles

    How To Read Excel Files With Python (xlrd)

    If you need the power of Python to read files from Microsoft Excel, so as you can analyse, and crunch a large set of data, one of the Python packages you can use to do this is xlrd

    14 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Base64 Encode a String with Python

    It is a quite a niche thing, but if you need to Base64 Encode

    13 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Creating a Zip File of a Directory With Python

    Sometimes, automation of website deployments require you to post a zipped up directory containing your website to an API. Python makes this easy!

    12 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Reading and Writing JSON Files with Python

    Grabbing data in JSON format from an API and storing it in files can be very useful, and here is the Python code that will do it.

    11 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Using Environment Variables with Python in Netlify

    Netlify has well documented examples of using their environment variables functionality with Javascript, but not much information for the other languages supported. Here is my experience of using Netlify environment variables with Python.

    10 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    How to Rebuild Your Website Everyday

    Using IFTTT with Netlify you can schedule a job to rebuild your website automatically.

    09 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Data Science Resources

    Some links to books, podcasts and courses if you want some information about learing more about data science.

    08 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Ultimate Guide to the HEAD Element

    You may not see most of what goes into the HEAD tag in your sites HTML, but it can have a big impact on how other people might see your webpage.

    07 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Getting Elements Of A List In Python

    A quick guide to accessing various elements of a list in Python

    06 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Setting Up a Server for Serverless

    Even for serverless, you sometimes need a server!

    05 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Scraping Spotify using Python

    How to use the Beautiful Soup package to extract data items from a website

    04 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Why I Use Python With Static Sites

    How I landed on Python to assist with generating sites after stumbling with Javascript and Bash

    03 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Getting Started with Jekyll

    Jekyll got me in to Static Site Generators, and remains a sensible choice for many types of website.

    02 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    4 Ways To Deploy Your Static Site with Netlify

    Some different approaches to get your website live with Netlify

    01 July 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Automate the Spotify API With Python

    Using the Python Requests library, let's see how you might go about fetching some data from Spotify

    30 June 2020 by Martin Dawson

    The Most Important Thing Every Website Needs

    Without this, you have nothing!

    29 June 2020 by Martin Dawson

    Static Sites Are Great!

    Why I am such an advocate for statically generated websites.

    28 June 2020 by Martin Dawson