There are people out there who have influenced, and still do influence, what I do and who I aspire to be. A common thread runs through them, and the characteristics they display tend to be ones that I would like to run with - generosity, empathy, kindness, balance.

Over the years they have provided me with education, encouragement, perspective, wisdom, humour and most importantly in the digital world, humanity. If anyone is reading this and is interested in web development, follow these people if you aren’t doing so already.

Chris Coyier

The man behind CSS Tricks and Codepen, with a wonderfully balanced, pragmatic and reasoned view of the world

Travis Neilson

Original creator of the Youtube Channel, DevTips. I would not know so much of what I know now if I’d never stumbled upon his channel, and found this gentle man with so much empathy

Tania Rascia

The most useful no-nonsence blog I have encountered, laying out how-to guides for so many front-end web development tasks.

Mattias Petter Johansson (aka MPJ)

Creator of Youtube channel Fun Fun Function - quite possibly the only person in the world who I want to hear talking about Javascript

Phil Hawksworth

Advocate of the JAMstack, very funny, interesting to listen to, elegant problem solver

Peter Dawson

Or as I called him, Dad, who sat me down as a child to talk through the code he’d written on his massive computer. I say ‘massive computer’ not to show off, but as a sign of the times. It was the 1980’s. He had a ‘portable’ computer that must have weighed at least 10kgs, that he took home from his office every night and as soon as dinner was over, he set about coding. This was unusual in the 1980’s. He worked at a small charity, that did everything on paper, and he was trying to take a small part of what they did, and put it on a computer. He wrote an application in BASIC, and he would show me what he was doing on the orange and black screen.

That experience in particular stuck with me. The computer had 32kb of memory, and so it promoted the use of good efficient code and to prioritise the jobs that were important. It also showed me that you can find opportunities to make a difference using computers and code, without necessarily having to work in the Microsofts or Bell Labs of this world.

We are all influenced by someone, and we all have aspirations. These people have played a part in both of those for me.