The Euro2020 Championships are almost here, and with most major sporting events like this, I usually take part in a Sweepstake. But this year, it is a bit harder to pull a piece of paper out of a hat, so I thought I'd write a little bit of Python to simulate the drawing of the names.


I made a video about this too. Check it out:


The premise of this is very easy. I started with two lists; one for the 24 teams in the Competition, and one for the names of the 24 participants of the sweepstake.

Then I simply zipped these together and converted them in to a list of tuples.

sweep = list(zip(teams,names))

Before I did this, I just shuffled the lists, using the shuffle method in the random Standard Library module.


And finally I looped through the list and revealed the pairs with a time-delay of one second every time a pair is drawn.

for s in sweep:
    print(s[0] + '-->' + s[1])


To spruce this up, I have turned it in to a static site with some CSS animations to reveal the pairs one at a time, but I'll save that for another time before sharing on this blog.